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Transition Metal Ligands

2017 Paper One

Question Seven
Part of a series looking at past AQA A-level Chemistry questions with a focus on better performance in examinations.

If you haven't gone through the question/paper, click the direct link below, and have a go...

AQA A-level CHEMISTRY Paper 1 Inorganic and Physical ChemistryTuesday 13 June 2017

Question 7 is about
A 9-mark, 6-part question
Straightforward covalent bonding. (Not related to the bonding to the metal ion.)
The chlorines are not donating a lone pair of electrons to the copper.

Note: Observe a deep blue colour.
Copper carbonate.
Reagent D is hydrochloric acid

It has a full d-subshell
It is colourless and so cannot absorb visible light
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