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Students in a Science Class

A level chemistry is an important subject for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the sciences. It provides students with an understanding of basic chemical principles, including atomic structure and bonding, thermodynamics, kinetics and equilibrium. A-level Chemistry also covers topics such as organic synthesis and analysis which are essential knowledge for those wishing to pursue careers in pharmaceuticals or other related industries. Additionally studying this subject can provide invaluable insight into how different materials interact on a molecular scale – something that has applications far beyond just science itself.​

Chemistry is a wonderful subject to learn but, like all A level subjects, it has its difficult areas.

To succeed in this subject, you have to be committed, organised and willing to dedicate the time to the subject.


I can help if you...

  • want a good base of knowledge before Yr12 or Yr13 starts

  • are overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn

  • are finding the mathematics difficult

  • need extra help to lift your grade

  • are getting behind with your assignments

  • need guidance to help you perform better in mock exams

I will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and help you make progress.

  • Dedicated, experienced subject tutor

  • One-to-one tutor support

  • Exam board-specific tutoring

  • Exam/mock exam practice

AS and A Level Chemistry

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