Students in a Science Class

AS and A Level Chemistry

Dear Parent



  • Dedicated, experienced subject tutor

  • One-to-one tutor support

  • In person AND online

  • Exam board specific tutoring

  • Exam/mock exam practice

Lacks big picture view of your child's progress across different topics

Unstructured lessons helping your child with only a small portion of

what they need to get an A* in your subject

No additional resources so your child will have to fend for themselves

Offers counterproductive advice based on false intuitions, rather

than the science of learning



This gives you an indication of where their strengths and weaknesses currently lie, and you can encourage them to ‘Strengthen’ topics that appear weak, or in red

  • You can view your child’s level and overall progress (Up Intelligence Score) as a percentage. This is actually the most important thing to keep an eye on as it shows you your child’s overall mastery and completion of the course. The closer they are to 90%, the closer they are to being A* ready

The best time for your child to start using Up Learn is just before they start Year 12. This flipped learning approach will enable them to build a knowledge base, which they can then consolidate in class. They will then find learning throughout the year much easier and less stressful, as well as be ahead of their classmates.

If your child has already started Year 12 or Year 13, you’ll want to buy Up Learn as soon as possible.

I(or AS exams, depending on exam board). As a result, they will have higher predicted grades and a stronger reference for their university application

In Year 13, Up Learn has regularly helped students improve their performance and consolidate their already strong grades to meet their university offers. Students using Up Learn have also told us how they have felt less stressed whilst using Up Learn – their confidence has grown as they have understood topics more and retained knowledge better.

in order to master it and get those A and A* grades


We recommend a GCSE grade C or above in Chemistry/Double Science and a strong grasp of English and Maths. I am here. to support you during your Chemistry studies. You will be able to contact me via email, messaging and Google Classroom. 

Your A level Chemistry course contains a number of assignments which your course tutor will mark, grade and give you valuable feedback on throughout your study.



Hello There...

Chemistry is a wonderful subject to learn but, like all A level subjects, it has its difficult areas.

To succeed in this subject, you have to be committed, organised and willing to dedicate the time to the subject.


I can help if you...

  • want a good base of knowledge before Yr12 or Yr13 starts

  • are overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn

  • are finding the mathematics difficult

  • need extra help to lift your grade

  • are getting behind with your assignments

  • need guidance to help you perform better in mock exams

I will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and help you