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Born-Haber Cycles




AQA Content

Define each of the above terms and lattice enthalpy
Construct Born–Haber cycles to calculate lattice enthalpies using these enthalpy changes
Construct Born–Haber cycles to calculate one of the other enthalpy changes
Compare lattice enthalpies from Born–Haber cycles with those from calculations based on a perfect ionic model to provide evidence for covalent character in ionic compounds.
Cycles are used to calculate enthalpies of solution for ionic compounds from lattice enthalpies and enthalpies of hydration.
define the term enthalpy of hydration
Perform calculations of an enthalpy change using these cycles.

Specification Notes

Lattice enthalpy can be defined as either enthalpy of lattice dissociation or enthalpy of lattice formation.

Born–Haber cycles are used to calculate lattice enthalpies using the following data:
enthalpy of formation
ionisation energy
enthalpy of atomisation
bond enthalpy
electron affinity.



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