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Commercial Applications



Electrode potentials & Cells

AQA Content

Use given electrode data to deduce the reactions occurring in non-rechargeable and rechargeable cells
Deduce the EMF of a cell
Explain how the electrode reactions can be used to generate an electric current.

Specification Notes

Electrochemical cells can be used as a commercial source of electrical energy.
The simplified electrode reactions in a lithium cell:

Positive electrode: Li+ + CoO2 + e– → Li+[CoO2]–
Negative electrode: Li → Li+ + e–

Cells can be non-rechargeable (irreversible), rechargeable or fuel cells.
Fuel cells are used to generate an electric current and do not need to be electrically recharged.
The electrode reactions in an alkaline hydrogen–oxygen fuel cell.
The benefits and risks to society associated with using these cells.



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