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Amino Acids, Proteins & DNA

AQA Content

Draw the structure of a peptide formed from up to three amino acids
Draw the structure of the amino acids formed by hydrolysis of a peptide
Identify primary, secondary and tertiary structures in diagrams
Explain how these structures are maintained by hydrogen bonding and S–S bonds
Calculate Rf values from a chromatogram.

Specification Notes

Proteins are sequences of amino acids joined by peptide links.
The importance of hydrogen bonding and sulfur–sulfur bonds in proteins.
The primary, secondary (α-helix and β–pleated sheets) and tertiary structure of proteins.
Hydrolysis of the peptide link produces the constituent amino acids.
Amino acids can be separated and identified by thin-layer chromatography.
Amino acids can be located on a chromatogram using developing agents such as ninhydrin or ultraviolet light and identified by their Rf values.



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