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Mathematics Tuition

It is important that students demonstrate a secure understanding of basic concepts in mathematics and appreciate how these concepts relate to and build on each other, rather than using 'the rules of maths' in a procedural way.

Students are encouraged to use different approaches when tackling problems, progressing to the next stage when they are ready. I aim to ​​stimulate mathematical thinking, address misconceptions and instil an awareness of learning and thinking processes


Students consolidate their understanding through low-risk mini quizzes, multiple choice questions, retrieval practice and homework.

Students are asked to communicate their ideas in a non-threatening environment. The aim is to develop resilient students who demonstrate high levels of confidence and ability in mathematics.

Tutoring from KS2 all the way to KS4

Tailored tutoring to suit your needs

With years of experience and knowledge, I give students the tools they need to achieve their academic dreams. We help students realise their full potential and develop the confidence to excel in any situation. 

In a busy world, I can offer in-person tutoring in your home as well as online tutoring. If you would like to talk about your requirements, click the button below and I will be in touch

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