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Science is an important subject no matter what you decide to do in life. Knowledge about the underlying science of climate change informs how we react to the crisis and, ultimately, drives the economics and politics that affect us all.

Knowing how The Earth functions helps us to be better informed about how to make use of, as well as conserve, limited natural resources.




Science helps us to understand how, as well as why, things work. At school, we learn about the world around us, our environment, as well as how Nature’s cycles can affect the weather, climate and The Seasons. We learn about technology and can examine objects, relating their function to the underlying science. We are curious and want to understand. Science gives us the ability to develop new concepts, problem-solve and make reasoned decisions through critical questioning and healthy scepticism.


Science is also a stepping-stone to many professional careers, not just in the area of science but in any career that demands critical and logical thinking, problem solving and informed decision making.

The Science Journey

Tailored tutoring to suit your needs

With years of experience and knowledge, I give students the tools they need to achieve their academic dreams. We help students realise their full potential and develop the confidence to excel in any situation. 

In a busy world, I can offer in-person tutoring in your home as well as online tutoring. If you would like to talk about your requirements, click the button below and I will be in touch

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