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The Maiden Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

#02 Science in History

7th May 1992

On this day, the last Space Shuttle to be built was launched from Kennedy Space Center. Its mission was the capture, repair and redeployment of Intelsat VI, a malfunctioning communications satellite.

Image credit: NASA

Named after Captain Cook’s research vessel, Endeavour replaced the Challenger shuttle that had disintegrated in the upper atmosphere 6 years earlier with the loss of 7 lives.

There had been a 32-month interruption to the Space Shuttle program following the Challenger disaster. During this time, the accident was investigated by the Rogers Commission whose findings influenced NASA’s future missions.

After 25 missions, including one to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, Endeavour was retired in 2011 following its return from the International Space Station.

Space shuttle Endeavour, mission STS-134, launched from Kennedy Space Center on its final flight. Image credit: NASA


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