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Why Tutoring?

Increasingly, parents are using tutoring as a supplement to school. There are various reasons for this including:

  • Increased competition for college places

  • Recognition of the value of extra academic support

  • Newer technology - it's now easier than ever for students to access online tutoring services from anywhere around the world

Tutoring involves one-on-one instruction, typically in the home. It can be used to supplement traditional classroom learning or to provide extra help for students who are struggling with certain subjects. Tutoring has become increasingly popular as parents seek out additional support for their children’s academic success.

The benefits of tutoring are numerous and include:

  • improved grades

  • increased confidence

  • better test scores

  • more efficient study habits

Tutors can also provide personalized attention and guidance that may not be available in the classroom setting. They can focus on specific areas where a student needs improvement and tailor lessons to meet individual needs. Additionally, they can offer encouragement and motivation when needed while providing an environment conducive to learning without distractions from peers/other activities.

When selecting a tutor, it is important to consider:

  • experience level

  • educational background

  • subject expertise

  • availability

  • cost

  • communication style.

A good tutor should have knowledge of the subject matter being taught as well as an understanding of how best to teach it so that students understand the material quickly and retain what they learn long-term. The tutor should be able to adjust their approach based on each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize results.

In addition to finding an experienced tutor there are several steps parents can take before beginning tutoring sessions:

  1. Assess your child's current performance - Identify any areas where your child may need extra help by looking at recent reports or test scores

  2. Set realistic goals - Determine what you would like your child's end result(s) from tutoring sessions (e.g., improved grades/test scores)

  3. Research potential tutors - Ask friends/family members for recommendations; look online for reviews; contact local schools/tutoring centres; etc.;

  4. Interview potential candidates - Ask questions about qualifications/experience level; discuss expectations/goals; determine availability & cost structure; etc.;

  5. Make sure both parties agree on terms & conditions – Establish clear guidelines regarding payment schedule & cancellation policy prior to starting sessions; ensure both parties understand expectations & responsibilities related to attendance & progress reports; etc.;

Once you have selected a qualified tutor, make sure you stay involved throughout the process by monitoring progress and communicating openly with your child’s teacher(s) & the tutor. Doing so will ensure that everyone involved is working together

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