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Rachel Carson

Rachel Louise Carson (1907-1964)

Best known for her book ‘Silent Spring’ and for advancing the environmental movement.

In 1951 Rachel released ‘The Sea Around Us’ which sold over 2 million copies worldwide - vivid descriptions of sea creatures, combined with scientific facts presented in layman's terms, allowed access to everyone.

Eleven years later, ‘Silent Spring’ was released. ‘Silent Spring’ focused on how human activities could cause devastating effects on ecosystems and lead many species towards extinction if these activities were left unchecked. It caused significant controversy among agricultural companies but sparked political debate resulting in new laws being passed in America such as the Environmental Protection Agency Act of 1970.

Passing away at the age of 56, three years after publishing Silent Spring due to complications caused by cancer, Rachel’s legacy still lives on through numerous organizations dedicated to preserving natural habitats. Her words will continue to inspire generations to come and are a reminder to us all of the importance of conserving Earth’s resources.

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Rachel Carson

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